Ho. Ho. Ho. It's Santaclausteinbaumowicz. Self-published. Illustrator: Pete Petrovic. 
As a Jewish kid, I felt like I was missing out. But then I realised that the Jolly Old Fat Man himself doesn't get presents either.
In this kids' book, I put all the dots together. And I uncover the truth - Santa is Jewish.
 (Full book available upon request)
 In 2014, I won the JWT Inaugural Commodore Challenge Chairman's Prize for my Passion Project, First World Heroes.
A gaming app for kids, it teaches them about Real World Problems. Despite production challenges, I still strongly believe in it.

I am the Hopeless Romantic.
Hopelessly in love, hopeless at love. 
This is my first song.
Lyrics & Vocals: Andy Segal.
Music & Sound: Front of House's Phil Kenihan & Justin Bodinac.
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